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Haunted House Text Adventure

The player is brought to an old mansion in the country as the sun sets by a friend, whom they've agreed to help search the house for antiques prior to the place being demolished the following day. Their friend leaves them alone while they go off to try and find the fuse box to turn the lights back on, but they fail to return and the player must head off in search of them while increasingly mysterious things keep happening.

Major plot decisions:

  • General style? Spooky puzzle vs. survival horror.
    • This will dictate how easy it is for the player to be killed and need to restart the game.
  • Reality? Supernatural vs. mundane.
    • Whether the mysterious happenings turn out to be truly inexplicable, or due to some reasonable explanation (the Scooby Doo gambit).
  • Pace? Thriller vs. slow boil.
    • Is the player on the clock (or at least encouraged to believe they are)?
    • Perhaps the game must be completed before sunrise, or the player has to survive until sunrise, depending on the game style.
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