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Quick Reference - Vim

This page contains various tips and tricks for the Vim text editor. It's never likely to become any kind of a complete reference and isn't intended to cover basic usage, but is a repository for operations which are useful but not necessarily in constant use.

Symbol Reference

Symbol Vim help Explanation
{motion} Stands for an arbitrary motion command to specify the affected text.
{visual} Stands for visually selecting some text, typically prior to a command.

Formatting Text

Commands and settings which affect the wrapping and justification of text.

textwidth Width at which text will be wrapped when inserting, set to zero to disable wrapping.
wrapmargin If textwidth is zero, text will instead wrap this distance from the right edge of the window.
gq Reformat motion-specified text (e.g. rewrap).
gq Reformat selected text (e.g. rewrap).
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