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 <​code>​ <​code>​
 # Forces iDevices to the last USB configuration and runs usbmuxd # Forces iDevices to the last USB configuration and runs usbmuxd
-ACTION=="​add",​ SUBSYSTEM=="​usb",​ OWNER="​usbmux",​ ATTR{idVendor}=="​05ac",​ ATTR{idProduct}=="​12[9a][0-9a-f]",​+ACTION=="​add",​ SUBSYSTEM=="​usb",​ OWNER="​usbmux",​ 
 +    ​ATTR{idVendor}=="​05ac",​ ATTR{idProduct}=="​12[9a][0-9a-f]",​
     ENV{USBMUX_SUPPORTED}="​1",​ ATTR{bConfigurationValue}!="​$attr{bNumConfigurations}",​     ENV{USBMUX_SUPPORTED}="​1",​ ATTR{bConfigurationValue}!="​$attr{bNumConfigurations}",​
-    ATTR{bConfigurationValue}="​$attr{bNumConfigurations}",​ RUN+="/​usr/​sbin/​usbmuxd -u -U usbmux"​+    ATTR{bConfigurationValue}="​$attr{bNumConfigurations}",​ 
 +    ​RUN+="/​usr/​sbin/​usbmuxd -u -U usbmux"​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Note that **''​0x05ac''​** ​is the USB vendor ID for Apple.+The interpretation of this rule is as follows: 
 +  ​* **If** a USB device is being added 
 +    * **And** it has vendor ID of ''​0x05ac'' ​(Apple) 
 +    ​* **And** it has a product ID of ''​0x12[9a][0-9a-f]''​ 
 +    * **And** its USB configuration isn't currently ​the highest one available 
 +  * **Then** perform the following:​ 
 +    * Change the device'​s ​USB configuration to the highest available 
 +    * Set the device owner to the user ''​usbmux''​ 
 +    * Set the environment variable ''​USBMUX_SUPPORTED''​ 
 +    * Run ''/​usr/​sbin/​usbmuxd -u -U usbmux''​
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