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Server Backups

The following areas of the server require backing up:

  • Home directory
  • Web root
  • Contents of /etc
  • List of packages installed on system

To make off-site backup easier, these should be funnelled into a single location which can then be archived or rsynced as appropriate. The logical concentration point is the home directory.

The following table details how each location is duplicated:

Location Method
/etc Currently tracker with etckeeper and git, so the repository can be periodically cloned into a copy in the home directory.
/var/www Could simply rsync or tar, but may make more sense to actually move the primary copy of this into the home directory.
Package lists Can get a list of Debian packages with dpkg –get-selections into a file in the home directory, and then a later dpkg –set-selections would restore them. Should also get a list of pip packages — could use pip freeze, but need to find some way to filter out those added via dpkg.
/home All home directories can be wholesale rsynced off the system.
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